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Our company enjoys a broad experience, professional background and know-how, enabling us to fulfil this way our customers needs. We have mainly worked in the aviation field,  and have been able to adapt to the rapid evolution of market expectatios. We have expanded our area of ​​influence to other sectors whose results depend on safety, reliability, automation, and artificial intelligence; basically, that depend on Human Factors. We are proud to satisfy today the current needs of different sectors such as health, transport, logistics, nuclear, automotive industry, insurance or catering.

We have been collaborating for more than 25 years with state-of-the-art high-tech prestiguos companies and organizations such as Martin Baker, Arianespace, Airbus, Indra, Hispasat, Becton Dickinson, and the Spanish Armed Forces. All our contracts have been succesfully fulfilled, obtaining profitable business for all parties. Our social responsibility, transparency, honesty and the satisfaction of our customers are our best reference.

Aware of the need for adaptation, we have evolved towards the provision of services where consulting, auditing, research and training are the fundamental axis of our business.

We have been able to gather a great team from the civil and military world, and different sectors such as aviation, education, health and the business world; with a long experience in multinational and national official organizations, having a deep knowledge in each of the different disciplines we cover. We have carried out internal audits and other oriented to the selection of international centers of excellence. We are pioneers in the design of training activities in the field of Human Factors and safety. Our consultants have participated and actively participate in different projects and researches both nationally and internationally, as advisers and experts in different working groups of the European Security Agency (EASA) and the Committee of Technical Investigation of Accidents of Military Aircraft (CITAAM).

Flexibility, diversity, innovation, commitment, quality and excellence are our hallmarks.