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Our main activity guarantees the best training offer in specific fields of aviation such as regulations, safety, research and Human Factors and CRM (TEM), both for crews and maintenance staff and the different management levels. The objective of our training is to improve efficiency and effectiveness by minimizing the incidence of human error, reducing the risk of damage and improving the interrelation of the equipment.

The extrapolation to other sectors of our experience, values, techniques, skills, and training has proven to be an added value that improves the work environment, quality, productivity and results. We make our your particular needs and design ad-hoc the content, duration and depth of your training programs. In this way, and without having a closed course catalog, we are sure that we always have the training you need.

Through seminars, conferences, facilitation sessions, coaching, dynamics, case studies, etc., we managed to improve cohesion, sense of belonging and fundamental skills such as leadership, decision making in critical situations and under stress, management of automatisms, motivation, effective communication and active listening, personal and social responsibility, autonomy and teamwork.

We shy away from stereotypes and move comfortably from traditional inhouse training to innovative and spectacular offsite training experiences in order to ensure their objectives. Our KIS KIS philosophy (Keep It Simple, Keep IT SAFE) guarantees the learning process by making it simple and intuitive and favoring the development of talent, flexibility, independence and motivation.