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The only objective of the accident investigations is the prevention of possible future incidents or accidents. This clear goal should always be in the investigators’ minds.

Safety programmes and accident investigations must very much linked, as the safety recommendations included in the final conclusions of the accident report may indicate the future steps to be taken at the moment of incorporating new safety phases or amend the previous ones. The safety programme must be, therefore, a living document, based, of course, on the applicable legislation and international standards.

Although the initial field phase of an accident investigation can be completed within weeks or even days, the investigators’ final report and recommendations often take years to be finalised.

The final report includes factual information about the accident, a technical analysis, as objective, of course, as possible, and final conclusions, that indicate the probable causes, and that also always contains, as stated above, the absolutely necessary safety recommendations.

Accident Investigations may be an important tool for private operators, public entities, insurance companies or for even the same aviation end users. We offer our investigation services so that you can obtain the most out of our expertise.