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We enjoy high-skilled experienced professionals, a thorough legislation background and a solid international audit and consulting know-how, both in the public and private sector. We live in a constantly changing world, where protecting ourselves from threats and dangers surrounding us is no longer possible without the support, advice and collaboration of the best specialists in modern Ssafety Management Systems (SMS). Whatever your area of ​​activity, if your main asset is the human resource and your results depend on it, we can surely help you. We closely review your particular and specific needs  so that we may design, develop, implement and evaluate customized solutions, from training activities to complex management systems. Our team of consultants, researchers and collaborators comes from civil and military aviation, business, operational, engineering, sociology, psychology and medicine, covering in this way all the disciplines related to Human Factors.

We are experts in facilitating the development of non-technical skills / soft skills of your staff at all organizational levels. This way competences such as leadership, decision-making in critical situations and under stress, management of automatisms, motivation, effective communication and active listening, personal and social responsibility, autonomy and teamwork will be part of the skills that you and your collaborators will develop, use and enhance in your daily activity.

Safety 4 Aircraft offers a differentiated and differentiating service of strategic consulting, facilitation and coaching, transforming your current human resources into a real change agent in order to guarantee not only a high Return On Investment but also its growth and success, while saving valuable resources for your organization.