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Aviation industry expected net profit for 2018 is 38.4 billion dollars, and records show less than one catastrophic event per million productive cycles. It is no doubt a safety model to replicate. This success is based on a unique treatment of the human element and its perfect integration in complex and changing work environments marked by technology and automation together with impeccable risk management.

Our success as a company lies in our deep knowledge of Human Factors. We offer advice and bespoke solutions that impact from the very beginning on our clients performance and benefits, improving their competitiveness and results. We transform the human resource into a true change agent, offering simple but straightforward guidelines that improve your organization at all levels.

We are proud to sponsor Spanish Air Force Academy 75th Anniversary – San Javier 9-10th June, and Torre del Mar Airshow – 27-29th July, Featuring Patrulla Aguila Aerobatic Team