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We have been delivering high-tech aircraft safety products to the major military aviation players in Spain, including, of course, Spanish Ministry of Defence, Airbus and Indra for 25 years. All contracts managed by Safety 4 Aircraft have been successfully fulfilled.

First, budgets have been correspondingly obtained, then the project management has been appropriately organized with both the manufacturer and the end user, and finally the equipment has been delivered and the supplier has compensated accordingly.

As a result of this highly cooperative effort throughout these 25 years of coordinated work, it was a great honour to we were appointed as advisors to the General President of CITAAM (Spanish Military Aircraft Accident Technical Investigation Committee) in 2010.

Our experience and education as accident investigators give us the opportunity to carry out consulting jobs on this very important side of aircraft safety. All accident investigations are aimed at finding the possible solutions in order to avoid the roots that cause the accidents, so this part of aircraft safety is vital so that users, maintainers and all aviation players do not repeat the same mistakes that may lead into the always unwanted mishaps.

We have worked closely with EASA on accident investigation and developed SMS, CRM, MRM and TRM for Air Operators.