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Project Description

LSI is a unique company specializing in providing the finest Life Support, Safety, Survival & Rescue equipment available on the market today.  LSI are dedicated to providing Solutions For Survival to the global Aerospace & Defence community.

LSI are dedicated to providing superior customer service, rapid response and providing the best possible equipment solutions for our customers and the hazardous environments in which they operate; in the Air, at Sea, or on Land.  LSI recognizes we are the last line of Defence in the event of emergency and the products and services we offer can make a difference between disaster or coming home safely. LSI understand the customer’s needs and their mission because they’ve been there.

The LSI team is comprised of dedicated professionals, who have served in the military and specifically aviation life support equipment (ALSE/ALSS) world; pilots, special operations, parachuting, rescue & diving.  And, while not everyone at LSI has served, they appreciate & honour those that have.

LSI will meet or exceed their customers’ requirements for world class products and services through their commitment to quality and their quest for continuous improvement. The combined experience of the LSI Staff enables LSI to address a wide range of disciplines relative to the design and development of life support equipment.  LSI provide in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to accommodate special end-user requirements. Throughout the world, LSI has developed Special Programs unique to the needs of specific customers and aircraft applications.

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