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Project Description

The ROG™ is a rugged oxygen generator that gives immediate access to a life-saving oxygen supply. Designed for pre-hospital casualty care in demanding environments, the ROG™ is an innovative development in medical technology that will help increase survivability of defence and security forces.

In austere environments, the ROG™ enables patients to be oxygenated at the point of injury via a safe, reliable and non-explosive source. Small and light enough to be carried in a medical bag, the ROG™ does not require any maintenance, electricity, mixing or filling. Rugged in design, the ROG™ is portable, strong, durable and able to withstand robust use in rough terrain or confined spaces.

Unlike compressed medical oxygen cylinders, the ROG™ can be exposed to extremes of temperatures, operated in any orientation and has an extensive shelf life.

Unique to the ROG™ is its Cool Touch thermal management system. Unlike any other product of its kind, the technology inside the ROG™ keeps the heat inside, ensuring that the unit stays at a safe temperature during use.

ROG™ technology has succeeded the demands of extreme environment testing including live fire, drop, shock and vibration.

  • Technical specification
  • Duration 15 minutes
  • Flow rate 6-8 litres per minute
  • Weight 2kg (4.41lb)
  • Oxygen purity 99.6% (USP)
  • Dimensions 270mm (h) x 105mm (w)
  • Heat insulation Cool Touch Technology
  • Usage Single use
  • Shelf life 5 years
  • Certification FDA / CE Pending

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