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Project Description

Fisair has a range of solutions to add value to society, with systems that control air humidity according to changing conditions, systems that possess a level of control of consumption and hygiene, by precisely controlling many parameters.
We also help to boost the performance and quality of many industrial processes.

DIPHUSAIR air humidifiers:

  • Hygienic humidifiers capable of high-precision relative humidity control of the air.
  • They employ different energy sources: Plant steam, electricity or heat transfer fluids.
  • We ensure specific absorption distances for the steam in the dr y air flow.
  • We supply section-customized units with delivery deadlines suited to manufacturers.

DF air dehumidifiers

  • In accordance with the latest technological advances, FISAIR DF air dehumidifiers base their operating principle on an exclusive high-performance silica gel desiccant rotor for the retention of water vapour.
  • Our dehumidifiers work by simultaneously pumping a current of air for drying and a reactivation current from the rotor.
  • This process provides: dry air passed into the system or area being treated, and wet air which is expelled outside.
  • The reactivation of the rotor can be achieved using electric heaters, steam, thermal oil, or natural gas burners.
  • The design of our dehumidifiers fosters uniform and constant operation, easy installation and minimal maintenance.

HEF evaporative coolers

  • Dry air has a huge natural capacity for cooling by exchanging heat for water.
  • Our units are designed to make this interchange highly efficient and hygienic.
  • They range from the most hygienic systems for treating the air in buildings used by people, to larger units capable of cooling large industrial premises, and obtaining major savings as well as thermal wellbeing.

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