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REB Technologies (REBTECH) has been a family-owned and managed company since its inception in 1996. Its founder and CEO is Dick Borkowski.  Located in Bedford, Texas, REBTECH is a truly global company. It provides research and development, consultation, installation services and support for a variety of military and civil customers and flight departments around the world.

CEO Dick Borkowski is a dedicated professional whose extensive career in aviation instrumentation dates back to the early 1960’s. Borkowski was also involved in the initial development of the MIL-L-85762 specification. It defines the optical performance requirements of night vision compatible displays in military aircraft cockpits.

REBTECH provides consulting and custom tailored programs for all aspects of night vision technology, equipment, training and developmental systems.  As a result of its expertise, REBTECH has earned many FAA-approved supplemental type certificates (STCs). The company’s skilled technicians have performed lighting modifications and installations for the United States Military and foreign governments as well as commercial installations for domestic and international customers. In addition, REBTECH is currently working with several international CAA offices to establish the guidelines for NVG operations and certification requirements.

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