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Emphasising on Safety Recommendations.

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Incidents and accidents happening in the aviation industry require investigations in order to find the root cause and, when necessary, issue safety recommendations as stated in International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 13 [1]. There are accidents that make world headline news such as the Concorde crash in 2000 [2] or the uncontained engine failure happening [...]

CRM in accident prevention. Source: F. J. Mendi (2012).

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CRM Training is a powerful tool, powerful enough to break the links in the chain of events for individual accidents; managing the error correctly, detecting it in advance, diminishing its incidence and mitigating its consequences. All the foregoing before the accident happens. CRM was born in 1979, at he ‘Resource Management in the Flight Deck’ conference [...]

Safety Management Systems, Human Factors & Return of Investment (ROI). Source: F. J. Mendi (2014).

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It is highly possible that any air operator is in one of these cases: * Has an SMS and still has difficulty understanding its scope and applicability. * Has an SMS and currently works on its implementation, development or improvement. * Does not have an SMS. Traditionally, even before the existence of SMS, many companies invested [...]

Sponsoring Academy 75th Anniversary. Patrulla Aguila. History of Aerobatics.

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The history of aerobatics is as old and honoured as the history of flight itself. It was the same Wright brothers who performed the first aerobatic manoeuvre (a 360-degree banked turn) in September of 1904. And we use the word ‘banked’ because this was before the aileron was invented. A wing warping system was used at [...]

Fatigue vs Safety.

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ATSB (Australian Transport Safety Bureau) fatigue risk management investigation framework is the spotlight of the last edition of the Journal published by ISASI (International Society of Air Safety Investigators) in December 2017. Although the risk is broadly categorized as organizational or individual/group-focused, ATSB identifies five areas of fatigue risk: fatigue-related errors ability to maintain adequate alertness [...]

Sponsoring Spanish Air Force Academy’s 75th Anniversary Featuring Patrulla Aguila Aerobatic Team. Presenting Logo.

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We are happy to share with you the logo Spanish Air Force have prepared for the Academy’s 75th Anniversary Featuring Patrulla Aguila Aerobatic Team. The festivities programme is still being developed, hopefully adding some more aerobatic teams to this important event, which we are very proud to sponsor. As you may know by now, the event [...]

Safety aspects of wearing a protective helmet by a helicopter pilot. Source: BEA Investigation Report C130 B4 registered F-GOLH.

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The Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses (BEA), the French air accident investigation body for civil aviation safety is the French authority responsible for Safety Investigations in the civil aviation field. This Bureau has recently released a search for similar events to the accident taking place on the 24th October, 2015, involving EC130 B4, registered F-GOLH, at Megève, [...]

Safety Messages. Dispatcher running due to distracted pushback. Source: ATSB.

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is Australia’s national transport safety investigator. The ATSB is the federal government body responsible for investigating transport-related accidents and incidents within Australia. They have released this report today, involving a  Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232, registered VH-VGJ (VGJ), when it was taxiing for a scheduled passenger transport flight on 25 January [...]

Sponsoring Spanish Air Force Academy’s 75th Anniversary. Historical Review.

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Spanish Air Force Air Academy was established in August 1943, having a vital mission regarding the education and training of the future Spanish Air Force aviators and the rest of the supporting staff, such as engineers, financial advisors, or servicing units, among others. Special attention was given from the very beginning to the military values, such [...]